WiNTER WORKSHOP is BACK!! Adley & Niko made surprises for you! Mom is The Boss! Merch Delivery Dad (2023)


we made NEW surprises for all our friends in our cozy Winter Workshop!

HEY EVERYBODY!! It is a VERY important day today! Me and my brother Niko woke up this morning and it was SNOWING! Do you know what that means? It's the first day of WiNTER, and I have so much to do to get ready! First, we have to decorate our house with all our Christmas decorations! We had a snowman, winter flowers, and we had to hang our stockings up! But for some reason, Niko kept putting them on his feet! As we were decorating we noticed that our elf on the shelf names "Elfy" is back! Then we saw the delivery dad walking outside with a super cool scooter, but he looked confused so we asked him if he needed any help. He told us that the scooter was a lost delivery! It was supposed to go to the winter workshop, but he didn't know where that was. I know where the winter workshop is because I worked there last year. I told him that we would deliver the scooter for him! Me and Niko went to the winter workshop and it looked soooo good! We met a really nice lady named "Jenny" that was working at the winter workshop this year. She said that they just had a few more things to set up before they open for the holidays! She asked Me and Niko if we wanted to work there again.. and of course we said YES! This year we had a lot of fun surprises like: An A for Adley Scooter, Hoodies, Beanies, Best Games Ever, Blankets, and ugly Christmas Sweaters! After we got it all set up it was getting pretty late, so we decided to go home for some sleep, then come back tomorrow to make the website live on! The next morning it was time to open up the workshop, we just had to press 1 button! The orders started coming it so fast! And from all over the world! We packed all the orders as they came in and put them in our shipping baskets! Somehow I got caught under a blanket in a shipping basket and delivery dad almost shipped me to Alaska! Once we finished our work for the day it was time to go back home, but Me and Niko forgot to order stuff for us! So we got on our computer and ordered 1 of everything from!

We made one of our first deliveries to a family while we were on a trip to Belize! It was for our new friends that loved to watch our A for Adley videos and Spacestation Animation cartoons! We called them our Belize buddies, and they were the first people to get a delivery from the Winter Workshop! Then we all put the Adley Mermaid puzzle together! I am so glad that I have lots of friends around the world, and I hope you guys LOVE your winter workshop surprises :)

Adley and Niko's Winter Workshop:

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


Oh we need to hurry and clean this up before what happens? No, these aren't socks.

Daddy, sorry, you told me, you're, something I'm, sorry.

This is the Lost delivery for the winter Workshop.

Not for you guys the winter worship, you know where the winter Workshop is really, yeah, outside.


How did you come up with these designs? They're so cute, I'm, just a good thinker, maybe I'll try on some beans.


Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

It's morning.

Nico, remember, wait I'll, see your back, oh, new order from New, York, City, a Nico Adventure blanket.

We gotta get sweater.

If you lay on the blankets, you might fall asleep, I, almost shipped her to Alaska.

Oh, foreign.


Lyrics it's winter, it's winter, it's freezing, cold outside winter, yeah, it's winter.


Meet us down.

Meet us downstairs.

We are going to set up for winter.

You said, Nico's, that's, not my name is bring flowers.

Why is there some spring flowers out time to get my winter flowers? Put some ones are flowers on them? Beautiful? Remember, wait Elfie or black.

Oh, how else is back I'm going to go feed Gary I some chicken noodle soup that you're trying to feed to Elfie.

Yeah, um, yes.

You are.

Oh okay.

Now, eat your soup Migos.

Should we decorate? Okay, Nico.

Go put this on the couch.


Come on.

Okay, son.

Please now, it's.

Ready? Okay.


Should we put up our stockings stockings? Yeah, we got our, um where's, your stocking, which one was yours.

Mine was the Snowman.

Oh yeah.




My stocking where's.

The other stockings, oh they're.

There Nicole, these aren't socks, daddy, or if you tell me you're something you're talking is for hanging on Nicole, we gotta put them up so Santa can give us presents in them.

Oh, what is it and here's? Gary's socking nickel.

Look, you hang it up right here? Okay.

So here you go.



You up guys, yeah.


I'm hungry.

Now I just need to find this spot outside for the for the decorating ornament.

We you can't, wait for me, I'm gonna put you right here? Okay, perfect let's just get it anymore.

Yeah no I'll get that no I'll get it delivered sorry.

Yeah, I don't know how.

It got lost in the mail.


Thank you.

But hello, yeah I'll call you right.

Back, hi, uh that's, my scooter, no that's, no no sorry.

Hold on sorry this.

This was a lost delivery.

Um excuse me this is a lost delivery for the winter Workshop not for you guys the winter version you know where the winter Workshop is I could take oh thank you okay um hold on let me text my boss he said yeah that'd be perfect thank you okay bye bye I don't know if they're open yet but good luck okay we have a job to do oh I must have fallen asleep hello hello hi um is this the winter Workshop oh yeah this is a winter Workshop um I kind, of, just took it out.

But yeah, we are setting it up.

We're gonna be ready this? Is the workshop? Yeah, oh, um.

Are you guys? Open.


Almost open.

We just we got a lot to set up still, hey, do you actually want to come? Help? Me set, up, sure I can come help yeah me.

And my brother would love to come help.

You set up bye.

Thanks, bye.

Okay, let's, go, Nico.


Wanna go let's go together.

Oh yeah together here whoa.

Oh hi, we have a delivery.

For you, oh my gosh.

Yes, the last of our scooters.

Thank you so much these are the sugar-powered scooters so what do you need help with first oh oh first um since you're gonna be helping me can you guys put on your work shirts please oh workshops yes oh yeah you can wear this one I mean whoever designed this one it is so oh I'm the designer of it wait really yeah and my brother yeah wait how did you come up with these designs they're so cute I'm just a good thinker mommy oh, hi this.

Is me that's you.

Yeah, wait you're a cartoon.





You're gonna wear this snowman zombie monster, sweater what size are you? How old are you? Four? Four, okay, oh this is perfect.

Guess? What? What I made this you? Made this? I'm? Ready that looks so adorable okay.

These are so comfy I feel like I'm gonna dance.

Okay, first let's have a dance party that song has been stuck in my head.

All month me, too me, too, um, I, don't, even know where to begin.

We need to organize it.

Okay, perfect let's.

Do that niggly careful do you lay on the blankets? You might fall asleep.


What happened to me earlier? Okay, I'll change your health.




He's gonna fall asleep on them.

We might have to just hurry and fold them.

So he doesn't fall asleep anymore, off the blanket.

Okay? Okay.

No more falling on the plate.

We got Nico, Bears, Adventure, blankets, okay, falling asleep.

Oh, no more fun.

We have three sets of blankets this year.

So go ahead and roll them up right there.

Maybe we should fold them standing up.

So we don't fall asleep anymore.

Can you grab that side? Oh, no, he's sleeping while he's standing? Do you think you could stack the puzzles really nicely up here? We kind of got bored the other day and started doing one, but they're fun.

Oh, how did you get this blanket stab? Those puzzles? Yeah, I've done it on my trip before you just went on a trip.

Yeah, Nico.

Can you help me with these? Uh best games ever.

So we just need to put the boxes all up here.


This is more easier.

Oh, no.

We spilled some other pieces.


They each have their own little space in here.

We gotta put them back so good Nico.

Thank you.


We need to set up this game here all right, let's, get one of these best game ever boxes.

And then, oddly, we need five of each tile in here.

Okay, oh Nico.

Can you put a dice in each one? I'll need one dice? Yeah, one dice.

And it goes right here, oh that's cool.

And then these are the board pieces.

Look, you can even pick your characters.

This guy was Chuck there's, a fairy.

Oddly, oh, but one of one of each color, yep, that'll, be good.

And then these pieces go right here.

I see two bar crabs, oh, yes, that game is my favorite.

You gotta make sure to stay away from these little stinky power crabs, because they steal your coins because these tiles are actually your board game, one back ready to go.

What are these for? Oh, those are the ornaments.

Oh I forgot about to hit me, and they go to ornaments for our trees.

You can have some, oh, yeah.


These are for our tree when we leave don't, forget, yeah.

So when we open tomorrow every time someone makes a purchase, they get two free ornaments.

We've got this one.

Let me pull up this one it's like a snow.

Mermaid, sure, they're not on top of each other.

Yeah, we probably should separate them too.

But that's.

Okay, oh we need to set up this scooter.

Oh, yeah, oh yeah.

These Scooters look.



Just want.

Yeah, they're sugar-powered, sugar, yeah, look there's ice cream and marshmallows and chocolate I just want to eat this actually eat the scooter, there's, no sugar on it.

Do we need to raise this up a little bit or is that your perfect size is, and it has some scooters for to be our car.

So we can get to work quick.

Yeah, you guys can use these, and then maybe you can come back in the morning and help me with the store.

Yes, it opens bright and early first thing in the morning.

Okay, let's.


Thanks guys.


Go Nico.

Oh can't, forget, our ornaments let's, put these right here.

Should we hang up our ornaments Miko, you open that one I'll open this one let's go.

And you go take them up.

We don't have a big Christmas trees, swinging it up on a winter plant.

Nico, come hang on Pony.

We use cookies that's.

The Stars Nico.

Did you put the ornament on? Oh you're, putting the ornament up there? Okay, Bob it's, not huh.

Good night.




Night, walk foreign, a banana for breakfast today.

Oh dipped in strawberries, oh and because you're excited, tomorrow's, Christmas, dad, you're here are you guys ready to help me open up the shop? We're? Ready? Okay, I think we've got everything set.

The last thing we need to do is just make it live on

Okay, wait where's my phone.

Oh, where is your phone who wants to push the button? I do I do that? Yes, Nico let's go over again, oh, oh, we need to hurry and clean this up before we open.

Yeah, wait.

Why isn't it working nothing's happening it's, not working, where are all these orders coming from? Is the winter Workshop open? Yeah, it just went live.

We are getting lots of, oh, new order from Arizona adley mermaid, hoodie with a blanket, a new order from New, York, City, a neuqua adventure blanket.

We got ta get sorry to give you another order, but another order and this one's from Canada, and they want two beanies.

Okay, blue and pink.

Oh what's that what was this? What was this that one was that a uh that was a winter mermaid hoodie, which are my black or gray, um was that for Arizona blue, uh, someone just ordered a scooter, scooter for Florida.

We need a scooter going to Florida I'll ship them.

You just happened to me.

This one's Arizona juice, no I said, a pink and a blue, wait guys and a blue.

Oh, you guys almost forgot free.

Two ornaments with every order, these two didn't get their free.

Two ornaments, three, two ornaments.


We need to get these in piles of two friends, uh, no, I work at the shipping I'm.

Hi, yeah.

Wear this I do deliveries I, don't work here, I work at the look I have to wear this or else.

I'll get fired.

Oh, okay.

Someone just ordered the best games ever box from Mexico.


And don't.

Forget the free ornaments this time, uh, don't have an order for that yet, um, yeah, I love.

The orders hold on.

Um, is this order ready for an electrical scooter? Yeah, there we go.

Oh man.

So many orders.

How are you getting orders from all over the world? Brother do YouTube channels and they're all around the world.

And we made a bit of languages so that's, why we have friends all around the world you guys do have friends all over.

Oh boy, this one's going to Spain Spain.

They wanna, uh, a for hourly Christmas sweater and a Nico Christmas sweater.


And the matching beans that's, not space Spain.

They speak Spanish, Hadley sweater and beanie Nico sweater and beanie.

All right, we need some two ornaments in this order right here.

Okay, gonna take more of these orders.

Okay? Okay.

There's the sweaters.

Another sweater, that's, he's, not at all.

How did he get in there? Okay, back to work.

Maybe I'll, try on some beans order for Utah.

Hello order for Utah a puzzle and the best games ever for the family puzzle and best games ever.


Oh, I'm gonna take these orders scooters in order from a professional video game player.

He wants a space station ugly sweater.

Oh, cool.


All right matching beanie with it.

Yeah, that one's going to Nevada Las, Vegas, nope.

He didn't order the beanie just the sweater.

Oh okay, put the ornaments in you put that in a basket another best games ever that's.

The one that needs the ornaments and then, uh, the scooter.

Okay, wait, where did Apple go ugly? Hey, you were still hoping, hey so have you seen Natalie anywhere? Oddly, oh, the little like redhead.

Girl, yeah, she was helping me ship things, I know, you know, maybe she quit.

Good luck.

Wouldn't do that she loves this place always found in our shipping machines, not to Alaska.

Oh, okay.

No more going in my shipping machine.

I would have been fired.

We have an ugly comfy, cozy tracksuit where's that, oh right here there, yeah, the top and the bottom size medium, um, we need a Nico bear zombie Christmas sweater with the beanie, the matching beanie, too, um.

And then remember the ornaments this family is from Ohio, and they ordered one of every single beanie.

One of all the beanies.



Here's a basket one, two, three, four, five, six, oh guys.

We just got an order all the way from Australia on the other side of the world.

They want the best games ever and a puzzle.

Okay, that's.


Oh it's.

A family.

They like watching our videos.

Okay? Remember? Five of each color, I know, I know, okay, we're.

Three one, two, three.


Our system is done for the day we took too many orders.

I'm gonna go back and start shipping these and then we'll pick up again tomorrow.

Yep, okay.

Thank you.




I, lost delivery.

Okay, can't.


The book okay is this the Australia best games ever? Oh that family is gonna love this.

Oh, and just for the family that kiss from athlete, ew, don't kiss, the orders please what we just had the best day ever.


Should we uh clean up and get ready for tomorrow? Yeah, let's get ready.

Let's? Do it guys? So many ugly sweaters, we only have a couple left.

We have to restock well, you might need to tell the delivery man that you need to deliver sweaters, he'll, probably restock in the middle of the night tonight, yeah, like he does every night and I sure hope our friends are happy with the stuff I thought they love my hair, Bradley, blankets, babies so fast with the blankets.

Yeah, it's, cozy, yeah.

It's ready.

I really think my friends are gonna like my winter top stuff, I work, super hard on it.

Like you did a good job.

I worked on this many days to finish that's, a lot of days, I know, right your designs were so cute and cozy perfect.

Migo did a good job too.


He was perfect speaking of Nico, where is Nico fell down Nico? He fell asleep.

Oh, no.

You guys better get to bed.

Okay, wait.

This is our bed good night, oh, it's.

Smiling, wait it's morning.

It's morning, Nico, it's morning, wake up, wake up, wake up come on Nico it's morning.

It's morning.

It's, Christmas tomorrow.

Come on.


Go come on come on.

Are you sleepwalking? Well, he can sleep lock if he wants to sleep walk.

Oh, yeah, I need to order stuff for me, no pizza for breakfast.

Okay, maybe I'll get.


My best games ever maybe a puzzle and maybe I'll get an over everything.

What else do you want? We got a Nico hat.

And then we want a paper ugly scooter, the sugar that the sugar power scooter.

And then how about we just order? Everything Nico, it should be here.


Oh, hello.

Did someone order a pizza? Yeah, oh you ordered the pizza.

There you go.


S, okay.

Well, here you go it's time for dinner and then bed.

Well, we had a fun day fun days.

Why are we hurting another Pizza when we have a stop Nico? How about we skipped the pizza and go to bed? Oh yeah.


I'm pretty tired.

Oh, I.

Hope, every other stuff is here tomorrow.

Thanks for watching bye.

Good night, uh.


Did someone order another? Pizza? Oh, yeah, oh here it is Sir.

There you go enjoy the pizza.

Thanks for watching bye.

Keep watching it's Marty.

Okay, let's check.

My stockings, dude and let's, get ready for work.

I can't, believe, wait, huh.

What's in here, a baby just like me and Nico order and two babies.

It has all this all this.

Well, I guess Santa gives out it for Ashley stuff, too I'm going to watching batch I I already, remember her name.

What is it very good? Okay, so guess what we just barely made some new stuff for our ugly winter workshop.

And we brought some for you.

She knows everything excited all right? Should we get it? Yeah, okay.

So that's for your whole family to play there's, five different games in there for you guys have you ever seen our cartoons? Do you like them? That's, pretty cool.

These are like the games from all our cartoons, have you seen the cartoons? Oh, this isn't school.

This one's for collecting stuff, I think we put some stickers in there.

Yeah, cool and I think we put a surprise in there for you, yeah, I think this is, and this is Nico Bay, right here.

No, this is ginkgo Bear, right here.


The characters look does this look like me, oh there's a eyeball right? There it's kind of hard because the heads are the same.

So you might make something, yeah, I, don't know, yeah, we brought these.

So we could swim in the ocean.

So we were swimming in the ocean with these, but then we're like these are humongous to try and take home.

We should just find some friends to have them.

These are so soft she's upside down upside down.

We need to find a yellow.

Are we just doing this puzzle? Right now? Yes.

All right, oh, this is a corner.

So this will be in the top Corner.


Now you can see it I do not know where this is weird.

Oh, no it's for that.

Oh, I got a foot together, here's a piece of our shirt.

I think right here.

It goes right here.

It's, looking good I found this piece, Rosie she's.

So smart she's, like she is smart Rosie.

How are you so smart? How old are you guys, I'm, nine, you're, nine, nine, dude, Rosie.

How old are you five? Five is Nico.

Bear is this way she's like Mommy.

Look at my tippy toes and I said, where did you find that boy his tiptoes and she's like hardly says, good job.

You go.

You found it adley's missing a face right? There? Does anyone see Abby's face? Hi, oh there.

It is.

Okay, where did this thing? Go? Oh, yeah.

Good job.

We've got some pirate coins over here.

Okay? Who has the final piece that way? Yeah, we did it and I.

See a coin all right? You built it.

That means you gotta keep it.

Wait let's.

See if we can all pick it up, you need your brother's.

Help he's like the best one he's, nine, be careful careful it's breaking off survived game for for a family game nights.

You can play it for family game nights, yeah, you can be our police buddies.

Next time we come to Belize.

We can be a police.

But yeah, we be our Belize Buddies Dale.

Thanks for watching our videos.

Police buddies, yeah, see you next time? Thanks Mom.

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