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Top-Rated Genie Garage Door Opener Installation & Repair Near You - A1 Garage (1)When selecting a garage door opener, it is important to get only the best. After all, faulty or defective garage door openers are the usual causes of accidents. Contact A1 Garage Door Service now at 844-214-2724, and we can discuss why you should choose a Genie brand opener.

A1 Garage Door Service Genie Garage Door Openers

There are three types of garage door openers the belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. Whatever type of drive you choose, we can install it for you. Our technicians have the training and are fully qualified to install all brands of garage door openers. We also offer you the choice to select from a wide variety of garage door openers, including Genie.

A1 Garage Door Service has partnered with Genie as an authorized distributor of their various types of garage door openers. Genie has been in the market of manufacturing garage door openers for 50 years. They are known in the business for providing safe and reliable garage door openers.

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Genie Garage Door Installation

Here are some of the features to expect from a Genie garage door opener:

  • Genie Safe-T-Beam®- This system prevents doors from closing when doorways are obstructed. It utilizes an infrared beam that automatically reverses a garage door when an obstruction is detected in the door’s path. Its self-diagnostic feature can also help troubleshoot system errors.
  • GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology -This technology delivers the power needed at every movement of the garage door and continuously monitors the operation of the door, stopping operation when significant changes occur. These features minimize noise, wear and tear on the door, and improve overall safety.
  • Reliability – Genie possesses an impressive track record for manufacturing high-quality openers that are known for dependable performance. An industry leader, Genie offers one of the largest selections of openers for residential applications in the world. This ensures that we have a reliable solution for every homeowner. Our openers carry limited warranties that are among the best in the industry.

Genie offers various models of garage door openers:

  • TriloG® Pro Series -This series features screw-drive types of garage door openers that have power, speed, intelligence, and convenience
  • IntelliG® Pro Series – This has a belt/chain drive that promises quiet and powerful performance.
  • ReliaG® Pro Series – This also has a belt/chain drive that provides power, value, and reliability.
  • ReliaG® Pro Series – This has a screw drive system that promises strength and reliability with an easy-to-own, maintenance-free, screw drive system.

When you select an opener, it is better to have it installed by an expert to ensure safety, maximum efficiency, and durability.

Genie Excelerator II

Genie is the original screw drive manufacturer. The Genie Excelerator II proves that Genie is indeed the top manufacturer of the best and most complete garage door systems for 60 years.

Genie PowerLift 900

If you are interested in a garage door opener that provides strength and realibility in a simple, easy-to-own and maintence free package? Then the screw-drive Genie PowerLift 900 is for you.

Genie PowerMax 1200

For homeowners with a fast paced and busy lifestyle, the Genie PowerMax 1200 is the perfect garage door opener. It delivers powerful and fast performance with superior design and the ultimate inconvenience.

Genie PowerMax 1500

The Genie PowerMax 1500 delivers maximum power and speed coupled with an intelligent design. This garage door opener is designed for homeowners that require the convenience to suit their busy lifestyle.

Genie QuietLift 550

If you are interested in a garage door opener that is designed for ultra-quiet operation and smoothness? Then, the Genie QuietLift 550 is for you. It is specially designed for those who have garages that are attached to their main house or living spaces.

Genie SilentMax 550

The Genie SilentMax 550 is one of the leading garage door openers when it comes to ultra-quiet operation and smoothness. This garage door opener is recommended for those who have garages that are attached to their main house or living spaces.

Genie SilentMax 750

For an ultra-quiet operation, the Genie SilentMax 750 is the best garage door opener in the market. It is the opener of choice for those homeowners with garages attached to their living spaces with its quiet and smooth operation.

Genie SilentMax 1000

The ultimate garage door opener for quiet and smooth operation is the Genie SilentMax 1000. It is designed to provide utmost convenience and maximum reliability for the busy homeowner.

Genie SilentMax 1200

The Genie SilentMax 1200 is the perfect garage door opener for homeowners who require quiet and fast performance. Designed with the needs of a busy homeowner in mind, this garage door opener features a superior design and packs that much needed power.

Genie StealthDrive 750 Plus

For homeowners that demand an ultra-quiet garage door opener, the Genie StealthDrive 750 Plus provides the ultimate solution. This garage door opener is ideal for those with garages attached to living spaces. What’s more, the Genie StealthDrive 750 Plus has an integrated battery back-up system, ensuring that your garage door opener will never run out of power.

Genie StealthDrive 750

The Genie StealthDrive 750 is the perfect garage door opener for homeowners that require ultra-quiet. If you have a garage door attached to your living space, this is the opener that is perfect for you. Plus, the Genie StealthDrive 750 has an integrated battery back-up system, for your maximum safety and convenience.

Genie StealthLift 500

If you require a garage door opener that is proven for its extremely quiet operation, choose the Genie StealthLift 500. It is recommended for those who have garages that are attached to their main house or living spaces.

Genie Garage Doors Near Me

Contact A1 Garage Door today to find the best Genie garage door openers near you; or if you need to repair a Genie garage door opener!

Google Reviews of Our Genie Garage Door Installation Openers

When our garage door wouldn’t open, I called A1 Garage Door. They sent out their repairman Justin who quickly identified the problem and was able to get it working again. We mentioned we were thinking of upgrading our existing garage doors and Genie openers. Justin worked with us on placing an order for what we wanted and within our budget. The installer Jack was amazing!!! He arrived on time, installed our 3 new garage doors like a pro and even explained how to operate our new Liftmaster openers from my IPhone! Our new doors are so quiet and exceed all of our expectations! Thank you for a great experience. We love our new doors!

I would recommend this company to anyone! They were highly professional, competent, and pleasant to work with!! They went above and beyond in my book! There should be a 6 star option!

Judy Corti (June 10, 2021) on Google (see our 4.8 average rating and 3767 Google reviews here)

My technician in kin Frank G 051-t showed up on time and did a stellar job and honest responsible.This man really effective and did the job of fixing my broken genie from 1995. I spent a bit on a lift master but it’s great and comes with app to use on your cell phone and a lite and handheld remote. I feel like I got a great job and deal and would diffidently refer frank G for you installation and A 1 as a company 100 percent pleased and made my day!
Sincerely Kirk Anthony. A 1 garage door customer for rest of my life! I supposed the A 1 stands for Absolutely number one in garage door service and repair and replace

Kirk Anthony (April 4, 2021) on Google (see our 4.8 average rating and 3767 Google reviews here)

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