These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (2023)

When it comes to looking professional, men flock to throw on their best-tailored suit. And while your blazer, shoes, or tie may typically receive all of the attention, it’s the dress shirt that is the true star of the show.

A dress shirt can take one of your simple outfits and make it feel new and refreshed. For instance, instead of pairing the traditional white button-down shirt with your go-to suit, opt for a colorful top to offset the ensemble. As a guy, it’s valuable to have an assortment of different dress shirts in your wardrobe. It allows you to mix and match them with other pieces in your wardrobe to create fresh looks.

It’s great to have your collared button-down shirt in a variety of colors, but you should also consider them in different styles, fabrics, and fits too. As most men are probably aware, depending on the style and quality of your shirt, you can pay hundreds for a nice dress shirt. We at SPY aren’t here to tell you what to spend on a dress shirt, but rather help guide you through when it’s okay to splurge on a luxury-made shirt from a luxury fashion house and when it’s appropriate to save on a shirt from an everyday brand with one of the best affordable dress shirts for men.

Affordable dress shirts are considered an afterthought by some men because they think the shirt’s collar isn’t supportive for a tie, or its thread count isn’t high enough to wear multiple times. However, this is not the case at all. Over the years, brands have stepped up their production to offer men high-quality and stylish shirts at a lower price.

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          Now, don’t get us wrong, you should definitely go for a luxury-made shirt if you don’t mind spending the funds or have a special day coming up. But if you’re looking for an everyday dress shirt to wear into the office, a job interview, or to church, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing an affordable dress shirt.

          Below we’ve rounded up our favorite affordable dress shirt brands that won’t put too big a dent in your bank account.

          1. Banana Republic Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

          BEST OVERALL

          Banana Republic has always been known for its stellar, reasonably priced clothing including this light blue slim fit dress shirt. It’s made of 100% cotton, and it doesn’t even require you to iron it before wearing it. Not to mention, it’s wrinkle-resistant too. Whether you decided to wear this bad boy accompanied with a suit or along, you’re sure to be looking dapper as ever.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (3)

          2. Club Monaco Stretch Poplin Dress Shirt


          Now you know we couldn’t curate a list of finely tailored affordable dress shirts without giving Club Monaco a shout. The Signature dress shirt is made of mostly cotton, so it feels soft on the skin. The dress shirt has a narrow fit, making it a great shirt for guys looking for a naturally comfortable fit.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (4)

          Club Monaco Stretch Poplin Dress Shirt$98.50Buy Now

          3. Calvin Klein Non-Iron Herringbone Dress Shirt

          BEST NON-IRON

          For those guys who are frequent shoppers on Amazon, this one’s for you. This herringbone shirt has a slim fit and a point collar perfect for anyone who likes to switch up their tie knot.The shirt is also moisture-wicking to help you keep dry and cool when you start to warm up. If you aren’t a fan of gray, it comes in several other colors.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (5)

          4. Brooks Brothers Regular Fit Dress Shirt

          BEST PREP

          If you’re looking for a dress shirt that’s an instant classic, then you cannot go wrong with one from Brooks Brothers. It comes in four different fits: extra slim, slim, regular, and relaxed. This affordable dress shirt is made from stretched pinpoint woven from Supima cotton and spandex. It looks great paired with a suit or just a tie.

          Courtesy of Brooks Brother

          5. Nautica Classic Fit Oxford Shirt


          In the mood to dress a bit more casual without a dramatic change in your outfit? Try an oxford shirt. This versatile piece allows you to acquire your business-professional look without being too over-the-top. The shirt is crafted of cotton and elastane to offer a relaxed fit. You don’t even have to wear a tie with this top and can skip out on tucking it in, too.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (7)

          6. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Brushed Poplin Shirt

          BEST CLASSIC

          If you’re going for a classic look, opt for this poplin shirt from Ralph Lauren. It has a classic, relaxed fit that runs true to size. The button-down shirt comes with a point collar, barrel cuffs on its sleeves, and features its signature polo horse embroidered on the left chest.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (8)

          Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Brushed Poplin Shirt$98.50Buy Now

          7. Express Slim Dot Dress Shirt


          Express is known for well-tailored clothing, and this dress shirt is just that. It’s cut to have a slim fit and is made with moisture-wicking fabric. The shirt features a point collar but includes removable stays. This will make the perfect everyday dress shirt for you as it’s breathable and flexible.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (9)

          Express Slim Dot Dress Shirt$60.00Buy Now

          8. Jos. A. Bank Stripe Dress Shirt

          BEST STRIPE

          Jos. A. Bank specializes in suits and well-crafted garments for men, so it’s only right we include a shirt from the brand. The option is made of a wrinkle-resistant fabric that’ll save you time when getting ready for work. It has a bold stripe pattern that might be too daring for some men, but others will wear it proudly.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (10)

          Jos. A Bank Stripe Dress Shirt$45.00Buy Now

          9. Michael Kors Slim Fit Dress Shirt

          BEST PLAID

          Michael Kors may be a luxury brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable dress shirt from them. At $55, you’re getting a plaid cotton/nylon blend shirt with a slim fit.For a cohesive fit, pair the shirt with gray trousers or chinos.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (11)

          Michael Kors Slim Fit Dress Shirt$54.99Buy Now

          10. Old Navy Everyday Poplin Dress Shirt

          BEST VALUE

          Old Navy has always been the shopping destination for affordable, trendy clothing, including this poplin dress shirt. The shirt consists of a cotton and polyester blend with a touch of spandex for stretchiness. This top looks best without a tie and doesn’t need to be tucked in, as its hem falls just below the waistline.

          These Are the Best Affordable Dress Shirt Brands for $100 or Less (12)

          11. Everlane The Standard Fit Japanese Oxford Shirt


          Everlane, a SPY favorite, features trendy and sustainable clothing including the Stand Fit Japanese Oxford Shirt. The shirt comes in four different colors, so there are plenty of options to choose from if one color isn’t to your liking. Not to mention, the shirt is 100% cotton, which makes the shirt very comfortable to wear.

          Courtesy of Everlane

          Everlane The Standard Fit Japanese Oxford Shirt$75.00Buy Now

          12. Perry Ellis Slim Fit Dobby Dot Shirt


          Perry Ellis is a brand that never misses a beat when it comes to dressy attire for men. Its Dobby Dot shirt is a signature shirt made with light and comfortable cotton. This slim-fitting shirt is better to be worn alone, free of a tie or blazer for a more striking look.

          Courtesy of Perry Ellis

          Perry Ellis Slim Fit Dobby Dot Shirt$79.50Buy Now

          These Collar Stays Keep Your Dress Shirts Looking Sharp

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