Lewis Black Has The Ultimate 'Trickle Down' Analogy (2023)


The authority on anger Lewis Black rants about Trump's bill and sexual harassment news amid his Joke's On US Tour.

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Mate and gentlemen, I have had the pleasure of being yelled at by my next guest for over 20 years, please welcome back to the Late Show, Lewis, Black.

How are you my friend? Uh, I'm, really good.



See you got the new stand up tour the joke's on us.

Yeah, you got vinyl out of your last comedy.

The concert double album double album double out lakh, yeah, only day, the Beatles and me black black to the future.

Yeah, gratulations on that.

Thank you.

Now let's you're, an American I'm, an American let's, talk about American traditions.

How was your Thanksgiving I leave the country? Really, yeah, that's the opposite of what the pilgrims did.

Yeah, no.

I, get out where do you go? Why do you go first of all I go? Because about 15 years ago, a friend of mine and I were having dinner in his mother's house, and we realized his mother couldn't cook, a turkey and it wasn't.

It was tasteless.

And it was why were we doing this? And my mother had already discovered years before that would cook a turkey, and it would taste as if it had a muscular problem.

So so it was just let's get out of here.

So I leave the country.

You leave the country and go to, you know, this year, Portugal, what'd, you have for Thanksgiving Lois pork always good for a Judah did dig into a little pork Portuguese, grilled octopus or something like that I had some octopus there.

What I really like about going away, yeah.

And especially now, yeah, you know because it's is there's nothing beats going to a country, and you don't really understand their language.


So you're sitting in a beautiful cafe.

And nobody around you.

You don't understand anything anyone saying, there's, no greater.

Mo it's, it's serene.

Because at that moment in time, there are no ass anywhere.

You have no way of knowing yes, making up speak speaking of which let's talk a little policy for a second here.

It is have you looked at the Republicans tax bill at all has yeah.

What do you? What do you think though I think it helps us you and me, yeah, cuz we got cash.

Yeah, yeah.

So that means something's got to be wrong with it here's.

Why we don't need help a lot of people need help not us.

So the trickle down, oh, yeah, that trickled about this is this is this is more trickle down bucket.

And it trickles down, no here's.

The idea you want to test that trickle-down theory drink about twenty beers, then pee your pants.

Okay, then put a cup, put a cup down here.

Yes and stand and see how long it takes for that P to get fill up that Cup challenge accepted, but we'll, do it next week? Now there are a lot of sexual allegations arising in many different industries, you're, one of the elder statesmen of outrage.

What is what is your level of outrage about what's going on now, or what we're finding out now I'm, just kind of stunned that that my generation, which should have known better because that's the beginning in a sense, the the first wheel to kick about, you know, with women's liberation, you know, all of this stuff that should have been dealt with years ago.

You know, my generation cannon knew that and was talking about it and discussing it in the meantime it wasn't that women didn't get equal pay.

Women didn't get, you know, they didn't get.

And so as a result, it all got put on a back burner, all of it and gold got thrown in the back.

You know, got thrown on the back burner.

And then eventually the the stove exploded and that's.

What we got now, the stove is exploded with fire.

Don't, throw water.

Yeah, I mean, you I mean, like the thing that I don't get is, you know, I had a TV show for about eight minutes.

And we did like two short seasons.

I don't know where you get the energy, no I, find that amazing that's.

Unbelievable that is the greatest thing to keep you on the straight and narrow is to work hard enough.

The people who are having sexual misconduct in an office I'm like you should fire them just for not being busy enough.

Yeah, where do you find the time to do that to be an app I, I, don't know, I don't, the exhaustion that I felt just when Comedy Central would give me notes, but like at 10 o'clock in the morning about what we did the day before.

And what was the show was gonna be huh? So by 10:15 I, didn't have the energy to have sex by the time is normally 10:15 perfect time to have sex 10:15.

You know, a be sure thanks for having it any cheaper.

How are you know like all I cared about was when can I get my drink that was all I cared about when's the day over and I can learn, you know, not something back I wish I had something for ya, hmm, yeah.

Well, yeah, what can I tell you I don't? Well, you can make I mean.

The other thing is the whole thing about just masturbating in front of people, I mean, wow, I, don't, even have the courage to ask for dates, sometimes I, don't, I, I, go to great lengths.

So women will never see there's, no pride here, you know, like and I feel wearing an overcoat if they would allow me right now.

53 year old.



This is why this as I tell my wife is like, you know what these things come up with a Matt Lauer or something like I go.

This is why I am NOT fit if I were fit.

This is what would be going on.

This is what happens when a man is 50s and has a six-pack, you know something wrong.

The new tour is the joke's on us.

The album is black to the future Louis black.

Everybody will be don't, forget to click, subscribe it's, almost as satisfying as skip ad.

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