Examples of "Kit" in a Sentence (2023)


  • You lost your tire repair kit in the trunk.



  • Someone tossed him a small kit.



  • Dan tore Brady's uniform open then pulled out a small emergency medical kit and slapped skin grafts over the two wounds.



  • Each kit comes with five sets of full-colour instruction booklets for students and a technical guide for teachers and technicians.



  • Nothing, unless you count a tire patch kit and a half a receipt for $59.95, neither of which probably even belonged to Byrne.




  • She looked away and fumbled with the needle and thread she'd found in a sewing kit.


  • Sharon seems implicated tho when she wakes up covered in water and with an explosive detonator in her kit bag.


  • The looks have been suitably beefed up too with unique 18 alloys, body kit, S3 logos and twin chrome exhausts.


  • The captain was also in marching kit, and on his cold face appeared that same it which Pierre had recognized in the corporal's words and in the roll of the drums.



  • So how come there's nothing missing from the tire kit?



  • Our last essentials are a spare inner tube and a puncture repair kit.


  • He buys the bike in Scranton or someplace up north and stashes it in the trunk of his company car, dropping the tire patch kit.


  • See Charles Burdett, Life of Kit Carson, the Great Western Hunter and Guide (New York, 1859; new ed., 1877); and De Witt C. Peters, The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself (New York, 1858).



  • Several remains of antiquity exist in the neighbourhood, among them a cromlech called Kit's Coty House, about a mile north-east from the village.


  • I picked it up in a garage sale, for two dollars—with a bike tire patch kit tossed in.



  • He was also curious about the tire repair kit and examined it closely, as if looking for a secret compartment.


  • The plastic bag he had packed as a last minute afterthought to keep his notebook dry now seemed an inspired choice of kit.


  • The kit consists of reservoir pot, inner pot, exterior air pump, clay pebbles, delivery tubes and full instructions.


  • The Museum has a basic APC, but so far, without the winch conversion kit.


  • For claims based on rent arrears you should use kit 5.



  • In order to measure the pH directly; the kit includes a plastic auger to perforate the ground.


  • More Info Organic Lip balm Kit try these lip balms to suit all conditions.


  • Create and decorate your own natural beeswax candles by transforming beeswax sheets into original candles in our easy kit.


  • We provide you a full plumber's tool kit containing everything you need including a machine pipe bender.


  • Room should always be made for a food blender in the cave rescue kit.



  • We have had two more bops this year so we have now raised enough money to buy a team kit as planned.


  • A drill pilot bushing comes with the kit to make drilling easier.


  • Make sure you look more businesswoman than bag lady with the Office Survival Kit.


  • Starter kit includes special tungsten carbide tipped router cutter, template and three spacer rings.


  • The Race Rapido 200cc & 225cc, is a tuned kit designed for use with both a larger carburetor and an expansion system.


  • From colorful rugs to greetings cards, Johnson Crafts have the kit that is right for you.


  • More What to take Provides a handy kit checklist along with tips about what to wear.


  • It might be a good idea to include a cervical collar in the rescue kit.


  • The kit includes enough Rowan Big Wool and a crochet hook - when buying the kit the crochet hook - when buying the kit the crochet pattern is included for free.


  • The kit includes enough Rowan Big Wool and a crochet hook - when buying the kit the crochet pattern is included for free.


  • I have dentures or fillings - Can I still use this kit?


  • This involved a detour into North Wales to return some kit that Rob had left on the boat.


  • Our gifts include the famous diaper Changing 101 kit and the popular tower of diapers!


  • Leitch comments, The art dimmer is an excellent piece of kit.


  • Usually dispatched within 24 hours... mobile phone hands free kit.


  • To minimize physical distractions, the Wireless Car kit is controlled from a single small button.


  • Our experience over the last five years has enabled us to put together a tool kit of tender documentation.


  • Unfortunately, my magnetic kit didn't have enough connectors to make a dodecahedron, so here is a child's ball instead.


  • When I was chatting to the other Doms there about kit they seemed slightly surprised that I had made everything that we had.


  • A complete kit list is contained in the expedition dossier, which is sent to you on receipt of your booking deposit.


  • How to use the Alaskan essences Flower Essence Practitioner Kit There are 72 essences in the Alaskan Flower Essence Practitioner Kit.


  • Mods include the fitment of a quality kit and full flip paint job.


  • All exhausts are supplied complete with fitting kits and high level kits include the full spacer kit to retain the original passenger footrests.


  • Ever tried to find a head gasket or brake seal kit for a 1934 Leyland Lion?


  • The kit has got everything you need to make gorgeously gooey drippy bouncing slimes and at the same time gives a valuable science lesson.


  • I rustled out of my kit bag and my belt my few remaining grenades.


  • We recommend our Fresh Breath Kit which features 6 dedicated and specifically chosen products for you to use at home to treat halitosis.


  • I noticed they carried all their kit in a small haversack.


  • The Art of hula Dancing Kit Master the ancient art of hula dancing in no time!


  • Kit and I had violent hysterics when we tried them on.


  • Available as a wall mount housing, shelf mount kit or 19 " rack mount option (pictured ).


  • You'll also need a dish fixing kit for £ 25.


  • The bolting machine is also very impressive (it makes tapping away with a bolting kit seem really hard work ).


  • Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Car kit The Parrot Bluetooth CK3100 Car Kit is one of the most advanced handsfree car kits on the market.


  • Tho all its faults I made a decision to persevere and ordered Snoopers motorcycle fitting kit for £ 19.95.


  • Is the first aid kit in good working order?


  • He went straight home and got his drum kit and was back inside the hour.


  • Companies shall not require sponsored parties to feature alcohol branding on children's size replica sports kit.


  • The second is a fairly rare Glencoe Models kit, a speculative 1950s design for a lunar lander.


  • In 1935 the first Craftsman wood-turning lathe with the option of a metal-turning kit was marketed.


  • A good lens care kit will always include soft lint free cloth, dust free tissues, cleaning fluid and a blower brush.


  • By applying a step sequencer to a drum kit, you can use RADIAS as a programmable drum machine.


  • Peter was quite macho and he thought women should have doors opened for them and kit carried for them.


  • The Pro PK Kit contains the thinnest and most powerful magnet available-the Micro 5 PK magnet available-the Micro 5 PK magnet.


  • The kit includes five bags of colored sand, a funnel & brush, paper templates, and a base for constructing sand mandalas.


  • All the on-line manuals have vanished from the Abstract site and none of the old kit is mentioned at all!


  • The butterfly kit allows a child to see the complete metamorphosis from larvae to butterfly, both an exciting and wonderful learning experience.


  • Is the way electronic press kit being covered in.


  • Earth 4 Energy - Earth 4 Energy's wind power kit has been seen on NBC and CNN and written about in The New York Times.


  • A good compromise between a full DIY system and a fully specified and installed solar system is a solar panel kit.


  • The article offers some good on-line resources that not only provide the kits, but also provide advice and help before and after purchasing a solar panel kit.


  • The article offers overviews of four particular on-line sources to help you find a wind power kit.


  • Their sales people can help you make sure you select the perfect kit for your needs.


  • These do-it-yourself kits are available in a wide variety of types, and each kit includes everything you will need to complete the job including solar cells, solder, soldering iron, flux, and all necessary connections.


  • Solar Home - Solar Home takes a smart approach to connecting you with the perfect solar kit.


  • Protect up to 100 items per kit Each stoptheft microdot kit will multi-code up to 100 items.

  • I have always misgivings tho Kit gets your letters directed to Cowes, which would at least delay them.

  • A kit to replace the original rubber mountings and clamps.

  • Wednesday Wednesday saw the first kit muster for the troop which we all passed - well done troop!

  • TomTom navigator for Palm Mounting System The mounting system is the TomTom car kit for the Palm.

  • The bulk of my kit was carried on front panniers which balanced the bike very well.

  • After entering a four-figure passkey, the kit was instantly recognized when the ignition was turned on.

  • Pedometer Jogging Kit Keep yourself safe by being seen this winter with our brand new digital pedometer Jogging Kit Keep yourself safe by being seen this winter with our brand new digital pedometer, reflector and high-vis waistband.

  • Kit includes enough Rowan Cotton Braid, a crochet hook and an easy to follow free crochet poncho pattern.

  • The nose radome came from the Reconnaissance pod supplied in the Matchbox Phantom kit.

  • This includes details of how to obtain a radon testing kit to check levels of radon in a dwelling.

  • Create traditional raised beds within your kitchen or vegetable garden with this easy to use Raised Bed border kit.

  • Water testing equipment is available in test kit form using either liquid reagents or tablets.

  • The new accessories kit extracted from its original box is then repackaged, known in the trade as ' split kit ' .

  • Sun cream, insect repellent, lip salve, wet wipes, sewing kit.

  • And I don't want a kit that is to close to the 6M samurai.

  • The kit had tanks 3mm too long, which were rectified with the piercing saw.

  • Instead of drugs or the surgeon's scalpel, stem cells could become the body's own ' repair kit ' .

  • Modern forensic science is also featured, with an example of a scene of crime kit used by the police.

  • Other features include Stainless steel rust-free screws, plus an anchor kit for fixing down the building to your base or paved area.

  • Even if the very person training him was the same man who slashed the tool kit and nearly scuppered his qualification dive.

  • Complete with aluminum fork, trowel and transplanting trowel not to mention anvil secateurs and bypass pruners, this kit is fantastic value.

  • We can't decided whether they look like a £ 5 necklace from Next or seriously sexy Sony kit.

  • The cryo storage kit range includes dry shippers, intermediate Dewars, canes, sleeves and vials among others.

  • Only £ 8.48 Tell a friend More Info Do Not Disturb Kit Create some sizzle in your nights with this silky seduction restraint kit.

  • As you can see, itâs a well-designed piece of kit and has some impressive specs.

  • All of the sailing kit can be easily stowed within the boat.

  • Several other issues of the kit were issued in white styrene.

  • The kit also includes Glauber's salts, 4 x 10ml syringes, a 100ml beaker, a stirrer and full instructions.

  • The HKS Hiper Damper Kit enables the suspension to be custom tailored to each drivers preference.

  • On the final track, for example, there are three drum kit parts on the go at once, all in different tempi.

  • This infrared thermometer is a neat bit of kit & brings advance temperature sensing technology to your fingertips.

  • Now, when you got Holden's kit off, was her muscular torso a sure sign that she worked out a lot?

  • Construct your own tow truck, tanker, container truck or other truck design with a quality kit from this leading German brand.

  • The PE kit The kit consists of navy tracksuit bottoms or shorts, a white t-shirt, trainers or plimsolls.

  • Local pub the Three Jolly Butchers emerged triumphant with their blazing yellow Albion kit, very kindly donated by the Brighton football club.

  • The adaptor plate kit is the same for a twin turbo.

  • His kit has not yet arrived, so am having new slacks made, and will get new summer underclothing.

  • He hastily flung some brushes into his tool kit, then straightened up and gazed at news undertaker wwe her with deep compassion.

  • In the interests of cross county support, we proudly unveil the new Manchester United kit!

  • Our 19 inch patch panels are used somewhere in most fly-away kit or satellite uplink vehicles across the UK.

  • The tool kit includes a 50mm (2 inch) long mini bullet vibrator with five soft, rigid, jelly sleeves.

  • Got all of our kit ready for the next dive and then waddled across the road to the boat.

  • When I came back to the UK last year, I promptly whacked £ 3,000 onto my CC in new PA kit.

  • With its unique whitening trays and Time Release Matrix whitening gel, CleverWhite is the most effective retail teeth whitening kit you can buy.

  • This kit is professionally engineered using tubular wishbones to close tolerance.

  • We also produce a separate version, Kit 3A, which uses a combination of hand-dyed and undyed yarn.

  • Tell the Cossack to fetch my kit.

  • Should I use a puncture repair kit or just replace the inner tube?

  • For example, you do n't add a few hundred quid 's worth of body kit then risk wrapping it round a lamppost.

  • Our portable reagents kit reveal none of the major poisons are present.

  • In charge of organizing medals and awards and regatta committee kit.

  • This test kit has been very reliable in the sense that its internal controls worked well.

  • The new accessories kit extracted from its original box is then repackaged, known in the trade as ' split kit '.

  • The filter is part of both types of servo repair kit.

  • With the public 's increasing concern about the environment, Volvo released a retrofit kit for older model Volvos in the spring of 1993.

  • The kit is supplied with control fitted to the riser rail.

  • Mule 100 Large travel sac for the adventure traveler or anyone who needs to transport kit from place to place.

  • This came after the sad demise of my Cambrian kit Mustang at the 2001 RAFMAA Champs.

  • The dome and safety valve cover were Gibson parts designed for his GWR 517 class kit.

  • And I do n't want a kit that is to close to the 6M samurai.

  • Instead of drugs or the surgeon 's scalpel, stem cells could become the body 's own ' repair kit '.

  • The scrapbook kit comprises everything you need to complete your album.

  • For a getaway of sensual pleasure be sure to pick up the Naughty Travel Kit !

  • Bring a simple sewing kit (scissors, needles etc).

  • We ca n't decided whether they look like a £ 5 necklace from Next or seriously sexy Sony kit.

  • She sat in the mixed zone, where the athletes collect their kit, sobbing with joy.

  • Cut this and replace it with one of the spade terminals provided in the kit.

  • Other bits and bobs A hydrometer is a good piece of kit to have to measure the specific gravity of the biodiesel.

  • There will be a cytotoxic spillage kit on hand.

  • Finally the club now possesses a spin dryer which extracts most of the water from wet kit.

  • Pneumatic Switch Kit This innovative kit enables you to turn squashy rubber toys into switches.

  • Like the author, Kit Fielding is a steeplechase jockey and considered one of England 's finest.

  • Take a medical kit containing a few basics such as anti-diarrhoea tablets, sunburn treatment, antiseptic cream and painkillers with you.

  • The ICT Advice website has an OfSTED survival kit of suggestions made by teachers - all useful stuff !

  • I'll have my suture kit ready for your next visit.

  • They send you a free swab kit and instructions and I'll send you more details.

  • The kit also includes Glauber 's salts, 4 x 10ml syringes, a 100ml beaker, a stirrer and full instructions.

  • Sundry Kit Transparent toiletry kit keeps contents visible to help speed you through airport security checks.

  • Take the grid cleaner out of the toner kit.

  • Each team member also received an individual tool kit.

  • Now, when you got Holden 's kit off, was her muscular torso a sure sign that she worked out a lot?

  • As well as the normal set of kit for racing and training we were given tracksuit jackets and trousers to wear to races.

  • Exhausted from traipsing backward and forward carrying full kit, Reg fell asleep under a hedgerow and spent the night in fitful slumber.

  • Just turning the main volume or tuning knob was enough to tell you much about a piece of kit.

  • In the interests of cross county support, we proudly unveil the new Manchester United kit !

  • In the 1970s Umbro designed an excellent kit off all red with a little white v-neck collar and small white cuffs.

  • Thanks to the voice recognition feature, you can say a name and the kit automatically dials the number.

  • All of Soga 's designer washstands with glass basins also come complete with a mounting kit and pop up waste.

  • Windlass kit with all parts ready for assembly including teacher 's notes.

  • Another unique gift is a hand or foot casting kit.

  • If you're crafty, you could buy a quilt or blanket (or a kit made for such a purpose, which you should be able to find at your local craft store) and you can embroider the birth information yourself.

  • Many versions are heavy, and if renting, then a separate accessory kit will need to be purchased.

  • Either way, be sure to buy an accessory kit with new shields and tubing to ensure adequate sanitation and effectiveness of the pump if you use a second-hand alternative.

  • You can help her out with a new scrapbooking kit.

  • You can use paint, decals, or stick-on stars, such as the Glow in the Dark Stars Kit from Toys R Us.

  • Enfamil offers a free breastfeeding support kit.

  • Purchase a soap making kit from your local craft store, and choose a mold that fits your shower theme.

  • With a homemade kit from your local craft store, you can press baby's hand or footprint onto special impression material, and then use a piece of holiday-themed ribbon to tie it to the Christmas tree.

  • You will have to check your particular crib manufacturer's website to see if a kit is offered for your model.

  • If the piece you need to replace is specific to the crib, such as a teething guard or drop-side replacement kit, and the crib was manufactured in the last ten years, contact the manufacturer directly.

  • While a piece from the manufacturer of the crib is always the best choice, if it's not available for any reason, ordering a crib hardware kit or getting custom parts made is a safer choice than attempting to repair the piece yourself.

  • If the drop side of the crib is missing a part or needs a replacement piece, order the repair kit instead.

  • Contact the manufacturer for more details on how to get a repair kit.

  • The soft-sided pools usually come with the pump, pool cleaning kit and ladder.

  • No matter which style you prefer, hot off the buffet or homemade with a little help from a kit, Chinese food is always a tasty choice.

  • Don't buy the most complicated kit for your first attempt at building a model airplane or rocket.

  • However, it does pay to stroll through the stores every now and then or keep an eye open for sale papers because you may be able to pick up a tool kit "necessity" that you just haven't needed yet.

  • If you have a large house, consider a cordless phone kit where you get a base that can provide support for anywhere from two to eight phones, sometimes more.

  • If so, then look into getting a start telescope kit or a telescope at your local Target or Walmart.

  • This is very similar to a camera cleaning kit.

  • Keep a repair kit on hand to solve small rips and runs as they occur, because they will only get bigger if unaddressed.

  • If you want the cut grass to mulch and fertilize the lawn, then that's your prerogative and not mulching kit is necessary.

  • Some towns and cities collect the bags of grass so if you want to get rid of the grass, then you'll need a mulching kit which includes a chute and tube that empties into a special container that rides on the back of the tractor.

  • You will notice that some fans have a light kit.

  • If you need accessories for your new gadget, like a case, a dock, a camera connection kit, or even a keyboard, you can get those there as well.Don't forget to check specialty stores in your area that sell and service Apple products.

  • If you're using a single blade, Gator recommends you install a mulching kit.

  • For the tween in your life, look for the Razor Ground Force Drifter Go Kart, the CSI Jr. Investigator Kit and the Lego game, Minotaurus, to be must-haves, along with the traditional requests for their favorite video games.

  • You can buy a do-it-yourself kit over the internet that will help you file for an uncontested divorce in your state.

  • Shop around for the kit that will work best for your situation.

  • If all you need are the appropriate divorce documents, or blank forms, then purchase a do-it-yourself kit.

  • However, you can find divorce documents free online that you can print just as you would with a divorce kit.

  • Divorcing your spouse is expensive and a divorce kit could help you get the process done without spending a bundle.

  • A divorce kit includes everything you need to submit to court to start the divorce process.

  • Searching for divorce kits free online can be frustrating because many of the web sites in a search engine will indicate that you can download a free divorce kit but it's only the information about the divorce kit that is free.

  • Once you click on the site, you will find that they want you to pay for downloading the kit.

  • If you live in a state outside of Tennessee or New York, you will most likely have to pay for a kit unless you gather the forms yourself, essentially creating your own divorce kit.

  • Making your own divorce kit is not as difficult as you might suspect.

  • Another situation where you may be able to use a divorce kit rather than consult an attorney is when the marriage was relatively short-lived.

  • If you decide you want to try using a free divorce kit and you get stuck, where can you turn?

  • An online divorce kit can be helpful in some cases to couples who want to end their marriage.

  • Ordering a kit means that you are getting everything you need in one package.

  • Buying a kit with the forms you need is a convenient way to have all the paperwork in one location, but you should do some homework before buying one.

  • Not all publishers offering an online divorce kit for consumers include the same level of service.

  • If you have some understanding about the divorce process and you feel comfortable dealing with the forms on your own, you may only need to find a kit offering to supply the paperwork.

  • If you require more support to complete the divorce forms, choose a divorce kit provider that guides you through the process in a step-by-step manner.

  • Another thing to consider when deciding which divorce kit you find online is right for you is what your plans are.

  • If you aren't ready to divorce yet but you want to get certain issues settled between you and your spouse, you may want to find a kit offering a separation agreement form.

  • Customers have the option of purchasing the hardware kit for the bed.

  • It comes with an adjustable lumbar kit for extra back support and has a tilting mechanism that adjusts to natural body motion.

  • Many plans will be flexible in this area, but there are still lots of details involved that you should understand before you buy plans or invest in a kit.

  • Since the whole idea around rain barrels is eco-friendly water conservation, some online kit retailers do not offer the actual rain barrel as part of the kit.

  • A good kit will contain a complete set of instructions on how to install a rain barrel to the downspout of your rooftop rain gutter.

  • Once you discover how easy a kit is to install, you might be inspired to have a collection of rain barrels for your entire lawn and garden needs.

  • By purchasing a wind power kit for your home, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your monthly power bill while knowing that you are using power that does not contribute to global warming.

  • A home kit will pay for itself quite quickly once it is successfully installed.

  • Some RV and marine kits start at just over $300, proving that almost anyone can find a solar kit to fit their budget.

  • Affordable Solar - This great website advertises a number of affordable kits including their $999 residential starter kit.

  • This 175-watt kit comes with all necessary attachments and a line drawing to show you how to assemble and install the system.

  • The best part of this starter kit is that it is fully expandable, meaning you can add additional solar panels one at a time when you need to.

  • Many practitioners recommend keeping Rescue Remedy in the first aid kit.

  • In fact, cayenne is a wonderful item to have in an emergency first aid kit.

  • Available at most health and natural food stores, this medicine chest in a bottle is a great addition to your first aid kit.

  • Take a friend with you for safety, and carry water, a cell phone (although there may not be service in all areas), rain gear and a first aid kit.

  • Based on these findings, it seems prudent to suppose that ozone-treated olive oil has a place in your home medical kit for treatment of common ailments and minor injuries.

  • If you are considering adding ozone-treated olive oil to your first aid kit, you should have no problem finding a retailer.

  • Hyland's Kid's Kit contains the six most commonly used remedies for shildren.

  • Pool Tables.com- A great selection of pool tables with a free accessory kit included with each table, plus free nationwide shipping.

  • All you need is a light kit that is sold at your local hobby or home improvement store.

  • A basket filled with fluffy towels and other spa implements like loofahs, a foot polisher, creams and lotion, and face masks not only looks great but ensures you always have your personal stress rescue kit stocked.

  • Smartpack Kit - The Smart Pack kit website is great if you are doing a complete remodeling job in your kitchen and you're thinking of using Smart Pack materials.

  • Each chandelier comes with a standard three-foot chain and a matching ceiling plate kit.

  • You can draw them up yourself or use a planning kit (such as those from Canvas Corp.) to help you.

  • Follow the instructions enclosed in your mural kit for proper wall preparation.

  • Obviously, a kit will cost more than just a simple stencil, but in the end, you save time and money because you don't have to go out and purchase your supplies and risk purchasing the wrong paint or paint color.

  • Stencil kits are available in fun designs and decorative patterns that are as easy to apply as a paint-by-number kit.

  • Use a kit to form a scene, or create your own mural by piecing together several different patterns.

  • They are available framed or unframed, although a mirrored kit to conceal the sides is recommended.

  • If a standard medicine cabinet is used in a surface mount application, a mirrored side kit is recommended to conceal the hardware.

  • In addition to the framing strips, the kit also comes with four corner plates.

  • Although the kit comes with double-faced adhesive squares, these are only used to hold the frame strips in place while the glue dries.

  • The kit will come with a complete instruction guide for installing the frame.

  • A mirror frame kit is a do-it-yourselfer's dream come true.

  • One type of kit is customized to provide an easy to assemble frame that you place directly over the mirror.

  • This framing kit is made by a company called MirrorMate.

  • First, you will glue the adjoining ends together, using the glue that came with the kit.

  • If there are any gaps, replace the mirror clips with the smaller mirror clips provided in the kit.

  • You can purchase a sample kit that contains each type of foundation.

  • The only way to know for sure is to try a small introductory kit and see if this type of cosmetics works best for you.

  • One type is a category kit, where the entire set is designed to serve one purpose.

  • A perfect example is the eyelash kit that provides the customer with a curler, eyeliner and mascara in a small travel case enabling them to easily update their eye makeup throughout the day.

  • Another type is the product kit, where each item is structured to handle a specific cosmetic issue.

  • A precise example would be a base makeup kit, supplying lip gloss, clear nail polish and moisturizers.

  • Another option, if you desire a sun kissed glow, is to discover a fake tan kit with tinted body glow, blusher, sparkle lipstick and brushes.

  • The last type of makeup kit is the sample collection.

  • Therefore, the company offers a variety of makeup kit options.

  • Makeup Artist Kit - offering a completely empty makeup case with all the compartments and containers to create your own individual set.

  • Avon Cosmetics offers their award winning kit, Elisa's Eyebrow Essentials Kit.

  • Almost every makeup brand offers some type of kit in a variety of prices and quality.

  • Whether you chose a home tan kit or a salon spray booth, both employ the same tanning process.

  • This kit is a serious investment for a dentist, ranging from a $1,500 to $2,500 cost.

  • The procedure is so simple, the dentist might even give you a whitening kit to use at home rather than in the office.

  • Can use more than one kit to achieve your desired level of white.

  • The Jewelry Box is a fun makeup kit from Too Faced that features everything from eye shadows to lip glosses.

  • Using an eye shadow kit with a highlighting color (or two!) is a great way to get a more dramatic look without spending a fortune.

  • Using a very small amount of the actual cosmetics, the airbrush makeup kit goes a long way and the results are astounding.

  • If this is not in the budget, then we include a little mini kit to put in their purse.

  • Included in this mini kit is translucent powder, which is one of the best ways to keep make-up from running.

  • What more can you ask for as a bride to be, make-up made just for you!Your personal kit should include lip liner, lipstick, blush/bronzer, eyeliner, a kabuki brush and your translucent powder for touch ups.

  • To enhance my naturally dark brown eyes, I've purchased the quad Cover Girl eye shadow, or Eye Enhancers kit.

  • You will feel like an aspiring makeup artist with your Bare Escentuals makeup kit.

  • With Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Introductory Kit, you can determine your proper shades and how to use color and contour to enhance your appearance.

  • Once you solidify your basic skincare and beauty knowledge, consider moving on to the Beyond the Basics kit.

  • Featuring instruction on complexion enhancers and concealers, the Beyond the Basics kit will get you headed in the right direction when you are looking for a little something to boost your everyday look.

  • With the Get Started Eyes kit, you will learn how to define and line your eyes for accentuated drama.

  • Described as a "rain or shine" collection, this eye makeup kit will give you tear-proof, sweat-proof, and weather-proof lashes that will draw crowds no matter what the condition of the sky.

  • The set includes a 1.7 oz. cologne spray, 3 oz. hair and body wash and a 2.75 alcohol-free deodorant stick, all packaged in a travel kit.

  • If you're new to mineral makeup, grab yourself a starter kit.

  • Several different collections are offered, but a fantastic choice for beginners is the Get Started Starter Kit.

  • Many times buying a kit with certain products in it will save money when compared to buying individual products.

  • The Pro Palette is a very unique makeup kit.

  • This is a refillable packet (available for eye shadow and blush) that allows users to pick and choose which colors or makeup items they would like in their makeup kit.

  • After buying the compact kit once, users only have to buy the affordable refill makeup items to refill their pack.

  • Secondly, this kit allows customers to mix and match which items they want in their palette, saving women from needing to buy multiple kits to fit their needs.

  • The Look in a Box kits aren't the cheapest makeup kits available, but they are relatively affordable in comparison to other MAC products and for how much makeup comes in the kit.

  • The kit runs for around $60 at full price, but it is still only slightly more expensive than some of the company's lip gloss kits.

  • Packed to go is an affordable makeup kit that is perfect to put in any woman's purse.

  • This small kit has a pressed powder, which is perfect for on the go touchups, and four different lip shades that can be used separately, together or to create different day and night looks.

  • This is also the cheapest makeup kit that MAC has.

  • In past years the store has offered special 25% off discounts, which can make your favorite makeup kit much cheaper.

  • This area of the site features special deals on products, and could possibly feature your favorite makeup kit at a low price.

  • Coupons are a great way to help make your MAC makeup kit even cheaper than it already is.

  • Try searching for a specific name of the makeup kit you find on MAC's website to ensure you are getting the real deal.

  • If you have a large stock of makeup, keep track of the items you are running low on so when you can find a coupon or the occasional sales come around, you'll be ready to buy what you need to refill your kit while saving money.

  • Use a strong whitening toothpaste and a touchup kit to maintain results.

  • One of my holy grail blushes and a staple in my makeup kit, Canyon is one of those colors that very easily suits most skin tones.

  • If you're uncertain about which colors to use, take advantage of a great offer and order a free sample kit.

  • Eye shadow brushes are available in several different styles, so it's a good idea to start with a kit that provides you with just the basics.

  • Sephora's Face and Eye Travel Tool Kit contains just what you need to create a great look.

  • If you really want to be bold, invest in a makeup kit that essentially offers a set of fairy makeup ideas in one convenient package.

  • Additionally, the kit contains a lip brush and a double-sided eye color brush.

  • The limited edition kit is available online at Laura Mercier's Web site.

  • Model Cosmetics is the only website to offer a gloss and liner set in one, the Colourbox Gloss Kit, but what a set it is!

  • Take a gothic twist on your fairy costume by using a tainted fairy makeup kit.

  • A simple way to do tainted Fairy makeup is to purchase a kit at a Halloween or costume store.

  • A makeup kit makes it simple to do your makeup.

  • Use one of the accent colors in the kit to color your lids.

  • Next, apply the eyelashes with the adhesive provided in the kit.

  • Use the black makeup in the kit for lipstick.

  • If you are unable to purchase a makeup kit for your tainted fairy costume then make use of makeup you may have on hand.

  • Check to see if the order is for one product or kit, billed one time or several products or kits that will be billed over a long period of time.

  • A zombie makeup kit includes products that will help create a creepy, undead character.

  • Liquid latex is one of the main components of the makeup kit.

  • The typical zombie makeup kit is fairly simple to put together, and contains a few inexpensive items that you may already have around the house.

  • No matter whom you believe, Lip Venom by DuWop is a familiar component in a promising makeup artist's kit.

  • Sally's Lip Inflation Plumping Kit stimulates and cools the lips simultaneously.

  • A MAC makeup kit makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to indulge in quality color cosmetics.

  • If you're new to the line of MAC makeup, or simply want to get the most bang for your hard-earned buck, a makeup kit is often the best way to sample a line and a variety of colors and versatile products.

  • For anyone who loves to spend a bit more time creating dramatic eyes, why not opt for an eyeliner and mascara cosmetic kit?

  • No matter you're cosmetic obsession, there's a kit that's sure to inspire new looks and application ideas.

  • If you need inspiration for the best MAC kit either for yourself or for a lucky gift recipient, stop by a MAC counter and enlist the help of a cosmetic sales associate.

  • Once you've found the colors and products that suit your complexion and makeup style, your artist can put together a custom kit if desired.

  • If you're ready to explore the wonderful and artful world of MAC cosmetics, a makeup kit is often the most economical, creative and abundant place to start.

  • When you sneak a peek at Luminess Airbrush makeup kit, there's certainly no denying that this isn't your grandmother's foundation.

  • Each kit comes with four foundation colors so you can custom-blend your shade for different times of the year.

  • However, the larger the kit, the more likely you will receive bonus items.

  • This will often also be reflected in the price of the kit.

  • The rolling kit allows you to organize your makeup and makeup tools with ease.

  • This is also a great starter kit for the young lady in your life.

  • These are just some of the professional makeup kit brands on the market.

  • Many other companies offer smaller or partial kits that can supplement a basic kit or that you can combine with other products to create your own kit.

  • Even if they do not yet offer a professional makeup kit, demand may be enough for them to create the product.

  • Foundation Deluxe Kit is perfect for beginners because it includes the airbrush machine and four foundation shades.

  • The Studio Beauty Kit contains the airbrush machine and your choice of shades of foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye brow powder.

  • The Paramedical Kit is ideal for those with severe skin conditions that need to be covered such as vitiligo.

  • The Makeup and Tan Full Body Kit contains everything you need to create a full face of makeup, including foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye brow and also a golden glow from head to toe using airbrush bronzer.

  • System and Face Kit contains Temptu's airbrush system, two shades of foundation pods, one blush pod and one highlighter pod to create the perfect canvas.

  • The iLuminess System contains the Luminess airbrush gun and four shades of foundation, plus blush and eye shadow shades so you can create a full face of makeup with one kit.

  • It's an easy-to-use kit that allows you to quickly spray on your foundation, blush, and highlighter.

  • If you're just starting out with the Temptu Airbrush Makeup System, the System and Face Kit will set you up with everything you need.

  • You can go to the Temptu website to purchase the kit or any refills you may need.

  • Pricing is between $200 and $350 for the airbrush system plus makeup, depending on sales and the kit or products you need.

  • It starts at $400 but you get a very large assortment of products in several different shades with the kit.

  • In some cases, not every kit from each company will be covered under that return policy, so be sure to check before you purchase.

  • One way to add both organization and excitement to your draft is to get a fantasy football draft kit.

  • This kit will include a big board indicating the names of teams in your league and labels of NFL players.

  • Free digital scrapbook kits such as the Shabby Princess vintage florals kit offer a quick and convenient heritage scrapbook ideas.

  • Whether you choose purchase a digital scrapbook kit or download free samples, remember that digital scrapbooking supplies are often only available as very large image files.

  • Create a mini-album using your favorite digital kit and attach it to your paper layout with brads, eyelets, or a strong adhesive.

  • A scrapbooking kit is a fun gift to give to a friend who maybe has never scrapbooked before and who you'd like to introduce to the obsession.

  • A scrapbooking kit can help new crafters get their hands on the basics without spending a lot of money.

  • Deluxe Scrapbooking Kit has paper, die cuts, stickers and instructions for making six scrapbook pages.

  • If you're looking for a scrapbook kit for a child, visit Mail Just For Me, which has several kid-friendly designs.

  • A scrapbooking kit is great for someone who has never made a scrapbook before.

  • Using a scrapbooking kit can help you build confidence if you don't feel like you have a lot of artistic ability or don't know where to start when it comes to building a scrapbook page.

  • A scrapbooking kit is also great for someone who wants to scrapbook but is very busy and can't find the time to do it.

  • The main disadvantage of working with a scrapbooking kit is that it limits your creativity.

  • If you want to design a more diverse scrapbook, a scrapbooking kit will not get you there.

  • If you'd like to take the scrapbooking kit concept a little further you can make your own scrapbooking kits for yourself or to give as gifts.

  • The sky and your budget are really the limits when making a scrapbooking kit.

  • Putting together a scrapbooking kit for a friend can be almost as much fun as building a scrapbook itself!

  • For example, many digital scrapbooking freebies have a clause in the terms of use that prohibits you from selling layouts made with elements from the kit.

  • Included in the kit are angel cutouts sitting on large clouds, which provides enough room to add a symbolic element, reminiscent of your baby.

  • This kit can also be a tool for young children to introduce the subject of death.Most husbands and wives grieve completely opposite and composing the kits together may alleviate some unwanted stress.

  • If the bereaved family is still overwhelmed, you may want to create a kit for them.

  • You can also design the kit from their baby's perspective, touching their hearts in a sweet and sensitive way.

  • Designer Digitals offers a beautiful Asian scrapbooking kit called Asian Flair.

  • In addition to stitching directly onto your layouts, you can combine your love of scrapbooking and sewing supplies by using items from your sewing kit as embellishments.

  • If you're having trouble coordinating your supplies, consider purchasing an all-in-one scrapbook kit.

  • It's also a good idea to keep copies of your photos and kit elements in a separate folder on your hard drive.

  • Digital scrapbookers or those interested in creating hybrid scrapbook layouts may also want to check out the free papers and embellishments in the Winter Magic Kit by Monica or the Winter Kit Mini Freebie by Silvia.

  • Make a Classic Pooh baby scrapbook kit for new parents.

  • If you're looking for even more creative control, consider purchasing a coordinating album kit.

  • If you require comprehensive photo editing capabilities for your scrapbook project, consider using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements along with the scrapbook kit.

  • They also offer free kit downloads periodically.

  • The kits are extremely helpful for beginners, but people of all skill levels can appreciate the convenience of a scrapbook kit.

  • Anyone interested in a digital scrapbook should consider obtaining a digital scrapbook kit.

  • Another option they offer is a monthly themed kit with different coordinated scrapbooking supplies if you want to make your own layouts.

  • If you have a page kit in mind for a set of pictures, tuck them in the kit and set it aside.

  • Store them together as a homemade page kit.

  • Depending on the amount of graphics in the kit and the resolution of the images, the prices for downloads may vary.

  • Free digital kit downloads are available from the website as well as a larger selection of themed products you can purchase for a small fee.

  • In order to become a consultant, you'll need to order a consultant kit and host a home party.

  • The new hire starts by purchasing a consultant kit for approximately $50, which has the business related materials required to be a consultant.

  • Some of the items include in the kit are a date book, photo solutions party planner, catalog and price book, order forms, and a "getting started" guide book.

  • Most new hires also purchase the completion kit which has a CD and instruction manual that outlines how each of the products in the Creative Memories line should be operated.

  • You can either download individual papers, search for a package of coordinating papers, or choose a kit that includes both papers and embellishments.

  • If you don't have the time or energy to come up with new recipe scrapbooking ideas, consider investing in a kit.

  • Get a handprint kit and have your child make handprint pages at the beginning of the school year and at the end.

  • More than 50 years later, the company was the first one to provide an entire ski kit with bindings, boots, poles and skis, all from one source.

  • You can make a stress reliever kit for yourself or for someone else.

  • A stress reliever kit can be as fancy as a store-made kit with aromatherapy lotions, CDs, and boutique candles, or as simple as a few tea bags and an eye pillow kept in your desk.

  • If you're giving a stress reliever kit to someone else, focus on items that will help them feel at ease.

  • For these reasons, it's important to make a stress reliever kit and use it often.

  • When you use the items in your kit, you'll be able to effectively reduce your stress levels and improve your health.

  • A stress reliever kit typically includes four to five items that will help you relax and rejuvenate no matter where you are.

  • You can make a stress reliever kit by starting with a decorative box to the store the items.

  • If you're making the kit for yourself, think about the sounds, smells and sights that make you feel the most relaxed.

  • A stress reliever kit for a friend who is an advertising executive will look a lot different than one that is a stay at home mom.

  • You can complete your kit with a few candles and a meditation card.

  • By knowing how to make a stress reliever kit, you will always be able to give a thoughtful and helpful gift or to find a way to relieve your own stress quickly and easily.

  • Stave off these potential consequences by placing some free anger management skills in your tool kit.

  • Luckily both can be achieved, if your parents allow for it, with a home hair coloring kit.

  • Each production comes in kit form, with sing-along CD's that make learning the songs easier for everyone.

  • This show kit comes with an accompaniment CD as well as a PDF you can use to create show posters and programs.

  • You also need to make sure that your budget is large enough to cover expected production costs, as well as the price of a production kit.

  • If you don't have Liquid Thread or you would rather sew, make sure you have a small sewing kit with same color thread as your gown.

  • When searching for a prom theme kit, you can choose one you like and get everything you see in one nice and simple package ready to be set up.

  • Whether you decide to buy a kit or items separately, here is a list of some of the things you can purchase to make your event spectacular.

  • This will be cheaper than buying a pre-made kit and it gets more people involved in the prom planning process.

  • The Babysitter's Business Kit is not just a book, it also comes with business cards, an address book for clients, and even a game pad.

  • This kit is great for younger teenagers who are just starting to babysit.

  • Try the Urban Decay Book of Shadows kit.

  • If the teen will be changing geographical locations either for college or a job, you can make her an anti-homesickness kit to use when she is missing home.

  • Sprout seeds require an ample water supply to grow, but you must make sure your growing kit has unobstructed drainage holes to rid your trays of excess fluids.

  • Additional online sprout kit vendors include The Sprout People and Wheatgrass Kits.

  • The first is a small, multi- tray kit which costs about $10.

  • This kit contains two tray levels which allow you to grow up to two different types of sprouts at the same time.

  • Burpee's second kit is larger, contains three levels of grow trays and costs about $33.

  • This kit comes with alfalfa, radish, broccoli and mustard seeds, as well as mung bean.

  • This home sprout kit is simple enough for beginners to use, yet offers features that seasoned sprouters enjoy as well.

  • The kit also includes a drain board and 2 oz. of alfalfa seed.

  • This kit costs about $30, and you'll have to purchase additional sprout seeds to try other sprout varieties.

  • Ladies may find jewelry and an emergency sewing kit useful.

  • Try an "Off to the Beach" vacation kit full of the basics for enjoying surf and sand, or a loaded picnic basket filled with condiments to promise the couple time together as well as give them a head start on their pantry.

  • For those in cold climates, a winter survival kit could include blankets and pajamas for those frosty February nights, perfect for snuggling on the couch together.

  • A unique way to personalize a wedding gift could be to create a barbeque-cooking supply kit, complete with apron and cookbook.

  • The easiest way to create a wedding time capsule may be by ordering a wedding time capsule kit, which are available through many online retailers.

  • You simply choose the kit with the design that fits your theme and then use your computer to print the information onto the card.

  • An alternative to using stickers to seal the invitations is to purchase a wax-seal kit.

  • A personalized groomsmen gift fit for the outdoor barbeque enthusiast includes a set of personalized steak branders or barbeque tool kit.

  • For the less crafty among us-or the time challenged-using a kit to make scrap invitations can be a great time saver but still allow you the freedom to add your own touch.

  • This kit allows users to import photos, graphics, and other scrap embellishments to create truly unique invites.

  • A tool kit is a great gift for a couple whose life includes renovating a home.

  • Couples can also save time and energy by investing in a wedding invitation kit in a beach theme that offers all of the necessary supplies necessary in a neat, coordinated package.

  • You do need some equipment to complete most basic cake decorating techniques, and you can choose to buy supplies individually or as a kit.

  • Creating a cupcake using a decorating kit is easy.

  • The book breaks down project management by process groups as well as providing a road map and tool kit for project managers to employ in handling their projects.

  • Contact Royal Caribbean for a vacation planning kit, or get help from the company's website.

  • In addition, you might also want to invest in a mini first-aid kit with some topical antibiotic cream and Band-Aids.

  • Carry a first aid kit, since you can use many of the supplies on your pet too.

  • During this year's pet adoption drive, each new adopting family will receive an Iams adoption kit containing food samples, coupons, and important tips on pet care, behavior, training, and nutrition.

  • The Complete Dental Pet Kit is the first product to include everything a pet owner needs to keep his or her dog or cat's teeth clean between visits to the veterinarian, and makes cleaning your pet's teeth as simple as possible.

  • Each kit contains a variety of brushes to fit the needs of all size breeds of cats and dogs.

  • The kit includes an ergonomic toothbrush with two heads, one large and one small, to accommodate all pet sizes, and is made with very soft bristles that will not irritate sensitive gums.

  • We have included easy-to-understand cleaning instructions in every kit to make brushing your dog's teeth as easy as possible.

  • Also included inside each kit is a sticker to place inside a window to alert emergency personnel to pets inside the home, a form to order stamps with your pet's photo and a discount on pet insurance.

  • The Complete Dental Pet Kit is available from the Home Shopping Group website for $19.99, as well as from a variety of retail locations throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Double check your list of materials and your tool kit, then purchase everything you need before you begin.

  • Every Iams and Eukanuba starter kit will now include a special offer from VPI for two free months of comprehensive coverage that will be paid for by Iams if the owners purchase a full year policy.

  • It will cost you approximately $65.00 for each test kit, but the process is very easy.

  • Taking a DNA sample is as easy as swabbing your dog's mouth with a Q-tip and sealing the swab in a test tube provided with the DNA test kit.

  • Bring your travel first-aid kit with you at all times.

  • When traveling with your pet, Please remember to always pack your travel first aid kit, and bring water from home to help your dog make the transition.

  • I use a back pack for my Lab, so he can carry his own first aid kit, water bottle and ball.

  • Always carry one small first aid kit per dog you bring with you.

  • Be sure to have a bee sting kit, and be sure to have a snake bite kit.

  • Remember to pack a first-aid kit and be sure to pack all your dog's medication.

  • This kit is great for people wanting to try out Halo dog food on their dogs.

  • I have always stressed the importance of making or buying your own first aid kit.

  • For sprains and breaks, the first aid kit should have a great book and a sling to help you to stabilize your dog to get him to the car and to the emergency vet's office.

  • Breeders can also learn to do this for themselves with the proper kit or equipment, but it's easier to rely on a veterinarian's expertise.

  • You can obtain a soil test kit from a local gardening supply center or health department.

  • You may also opt to purchase a cold frame kit.

  • You don't need to be a whiz at carpentry to build a cold frame from a kit - cold frame greenhouse kits are easy to make.

  • In addition to individual seed packages, the company has selected various flower seed varieties and packaged them into kits such as the "Cutting Garden" kit which includes seeds to grow for cut flowers.

  • The kit retails for less than $200.00, and although most enthusiasts recommend you have the strings changed immediately and the action lowered, it is a reasonably good value.

  • You will need a nail grooming kit containing a pair of high quality finger nail clippers, a nail file and even some very fine sand paper to make sure the undersides of your nails are shaped properly.

  • The information below is organized based on whether you plan to build your guitar from scratch or use a kit.

  • Once you get your kit or plans for how to build an electric guitar, make sure you set aside enough time for the project, especially if it's your first go-round at building a guitar.

  • Unless you're going to build your own guitar from scratch or from a kit, you'll have to buy one at a store.

  • If you currently have gas and want electric or vice versa, you can change what type of energy your stove will run off with a simple conversion kit you can purchase from the manufacturer of your range/oven.

  • If you're looking for something a little more simple, such as for a rental property, almost any home improvement or hardware store will have a flush-mounted light kit for as little as $15.

  • Many models have the capacity to allow you to remove the factory-issued light kit for another, more attractive option.

  • If you decide on the do-it-yourself kit, choosing a flexible track will make your work easier.

  • It's important to choose pieces that match the kit for proper fit and power transfer.

  • A typical kit includes all you need to complete the installation, including glue, decorative corner pieces, and enough linear feet of trim to cover a modestly sized room.

  • Use the glue provided in the kit to fit them into place.

  • Measure the amount of trim required on a piece of crown molding from the kit and cut it to fit.

  • Glue the two pieces together using glue from the kit.

  • Using a light spackle (often not included in the kit) and cover the exposed seam.

  • Sears, Montgomery Wards, Aladdin, and many other companies sold kit homes in the first three decades of the twentieth century.

  • Many beautiful, vintage foursquare style homes and bungalows were constructed from the popular kit homes of that era.

  • A little research will help you decide if a kit home is a good choice for you.

  • If you have a gasket kit, you can compare the old gasket with some you have on hand.

  • Before you run out to purchase a pocket door kit, check your proposed door location for obstructions.

  • If all else fails, you can sometimes correct the problem with a fan balancing kit.

  • You can usually pick up a plumbing kit with assorted washers for miscellaneous uses in the plumbing supply aisle of your home improvement store.

  • Before you purchase your kit and begin the installation, check your local building codes.

  • Kits vary by manufacturer, so be sure to double check exactly what your kit includes.

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