14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (2023)

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Published: Monday January 9, 2023

An essential, no matter who you are.

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (2)

Written by Hugo Whitehead

Men’s dress shirts are an essential menswear piece; no matter the occasion there is a dress shirt to match. So it’s often considered the most basic piece of menswear you can own. But, is it? While most men own at least one (or ten) of the collared contraptions, it’s rare to find a men’s dress shirt that fits exactly right when buying straight off-the-rack.

Why? Today’s dress shirt comes in a myriad of cuts and several different shirt collar types, as well as buttoning styles too. This is why, like when shopping forthe perfect pair of jeans, when you findyourdress shirt fit, stock up on multiples of the wonderful things.

Best Men’s Dress Shirts FAQs

What is a dress shirt?

A dress shirt is a shirt that you wear to formal events such as weddings and parties, or to the office. The most common colour for dress shirts is white, compared to business shirts, which can be found in other colours and they will usually be made of more premium materials.

How should I wear a dress shirt?

Dress shirts should be ironed, worn with the sleeves down and buttoned, tucked into your pants and with all front buttons done up, except for the top if you're not wearing a tie. You can also add collar stiffeners to make sure the collar stays rigid throughout the day.

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Still, searching for the best dress shirt? Here are some of the best dress shirts for men. Their cut, fit and subtle texture, are sure to better your workplace style too, all the while adhering to corporate dress codes. Even if you’re not working in an establishment that requires formal attire, these men’s dress shirts will cover you for the races, your boss’s wedding, and even that oh so important first date.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (3)1/14

Price: From $99
Sizes: XS-XXL
Customer Reviews: “I use it for work. Easy care. Looks and fits great!”

Bonobos was born because founders, Andy Dunn & Brian Spaly, couldn’t find men’s pants that fit (they were either too tight or too boxy) and wanted to fix this common problem men face while shopping.

They fixed it with their not-so-secret secret: all Bonobos’ pants have a curved waistband that conforms to the natural shape of men’s waists. Bonobos then expanded into producing awesome shirts, suits, swimwear; you name a piece of men’s clothing, they do it!

Bonobos have a huge range of men’s dress shirts that all feature some impressive technology, such as stretch, wrinkle resistance, moisture-wicking, etc. Available in multiple colours and styles, Bonobos make some of the best men’s dress shirts.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (4)2/14

Price: From $158
Sizes: S-XXL
Customer Reviews: “Best dress shirt I ever owned. Extremely comfortable and looks great.”

Not just a brand associated with activewear (although admittedly, that’s what it does best) Rhone is also in the game of dress shirts. Part of the company’s Commuter collection, Rhone’s men’s dress shirts are guaranteed to be “the most comfortable ever”.

As with the activewear range, Rhone’s dress shirts are moisture-wicking, have plenty of stretch, and are naturally wrinkle-resistant. And, as ever, Rhone puts considerable effort into sourcing some of the finest fabrics your skin will ever feel.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (5)3/14

Price: From $39
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Customer Reviews: “This shirt is perfect for travel. It’s made of no-iron and stretchy jersey so you emerge from a long flight still looking good.”

For a reliable collection of good-quality men’s dress shirts that won’t break the bank, look no further than Uniqlo. The Japanese label is always keen to innovate wherever possible, employing new fabrics and technologies that result in more comfortable clothes.

Their range of Easy Care men’s dress shirts are just that; easy to care for. Wrinkle-resistant and made from a densely woven jersey fabric that is given a fair amount of stretch to allow for freedom of movement, Uniqlo’s dress shirts are simple, comfortable and effective.

Polo Ralph Lauren

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (6)4/14

Price: From $110
Sizes: XS-XXL
Customer Reviews: “The shirt is medium thickness, but not stiff. The material is soft with ample amount of stretch. It definitely is a slimmer fit than their other styles.”

Polo Ralph Lauren’s shirts are known around the world, namely for the logo that adorns the left chest. Offering a higher quality than your average high-street retailer and most commonly found in heavier weight cotton, Ralph Lauren’s single-cuff Oxford dress shirts are incredibly versatile, being able to be slipped on under a blazer or dressed down with a pair of chinos or jeans.

Brooks Brothers

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (7)5/14

Price: From $105
Sizes: XS-XXL
Customer Reviews: “I have been looking for a very slim fitting french cuff dress shirt, and it’s next to impossible to find one that is both high quality as well as actually slim. This shirt is it!”

Brooks Brothers are America’s oldest clothing retailer, having recently celebrated its 200th birthday. Notable moments in the company’s history include calling Abraham Lincoln a loyal customer (and having since outfitted 41 of the US Presidents) and introducing the ready-to-wear suit to the American public. Its two centuries of clothes manufacturing have given Brooks Brothers the knowledge to produce some of the finest garments available today.

But don’t let that make you think Brooks Brothers’ men’s dress shirts cost a bomb, as they’re actually some of the most affordable on this list, making them accessible to everyone. What you can be sure of as well, is a range of dress shirts that are cut beautifully, since the company understands what it is customers are looking for.

Hugo Boss

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (8)6/14

Price: From $138
Sizes: 14.5-18
Customer Reviews: “Wonderful quality Hugo Boss shirts.”

German menswear brand Hugo Boss is one that is always closely associated with formalwear and tailoring. The company has a, quite frankly huge collection of dress shirts, covering all the fits, colours, prints, patterns and styles you could ever want or need.

If it’s something for the boardroom you’re after, Hugo Boss is more than happy to take care of you with men’s dress shirts that certainly exude youth, compared to the likes of the years-old British shirtmakers on this list, but more than hold their own in the quality stakes.

Charles Tyrwhitt

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (9)7/14

Price: From $92
Sizes: 14.5-18
Customer Reviews: “CT shirts are always high quality. Fit is as per advertised. Always first choice for shirts. The multi deals make them very competitive price wise too.”

Leading a charge of British men’s clothiers with a strong connection with all things suits and tailoring is Charles Tyrwhitt. The Jermyn Street-based retailer quite literally specialises in dress shirts and is widely regarded as being one of the best retailers for customer service in the UK.

CT men’s dress shirts belie their price tag, offering non-iron finishes and being made from cotton fabrics that are breathable and not too heavy, making them suitable for wearing throughout the year. Expect to find a range of collar styles, fits and colours to suit any business outfit.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (10)8/14

Price: From $196
Sizes: 38-45
Customer Reviews: “Wonderfully constructed.”

Another luxury shirtmaker is Cordone 1956. The Italian stalwart remains family-owned to this day and is known for its attention to detail, with each individual item of clothing being made by hand. Expect to find plain and patterned men’s dress shirts in a multitude of colours and materials.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (11)9/14

Price: From $186
Sizes: 37-47
Customer Reviews: “The fabric is high quality and feels so soft. Canali shirts last for a really long time.”

Italian luxury menswear brand Canali was founded in 1934 has remained committed to achieving the art of excellence through its tailoring collections ever since. Only the finest fabrics will do here and you’ll immediately notice where your extra dollars have been spent as soon as you slip one of these men’s dress shirts on.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (12)10/14

Price: From $169
Sizes: 35-46
Customer Reviews: “Great quality mens wear!”

Swedish shirtmaker Eton prides itself on the quality of its product. Founded in 1928, the brand sources what it considers to be the finest cotton in the world to mould into its shirting collection. And that collection is vast, with various styles suited to different occasions, although its men’s dress shirts range remains superior with all day crease-resistant technology.

Gieves & Hawkes

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (13)11/14

Price: From $168
Sizes: 15-18
Customer Reviews: “Very bold fiber choice to go with the rather formal cut and stylings.”

Proudly occupying No. 1 Savile Row on London’s famed tailoring street, Gieves & Hawkes is one of the oldest tailors to remain in constant business, with it being founded in 1771. The company currently holds Royal Warrants for The Queen, the Dyke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales.

Therefore, you can expect nothing short of premium from the British label when it comes to men’s dress shirts and, considering the heritage, you won’t be breaking the bank. Numerous colours and styles are available, and with a selection of fits to choose from as well, you won’t find it hard to stock up for your working weeks.


14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (14)12/14

Price: From $195
Sizes: 14.5-18.5
Customer Reviews: “Great dress shirt, will definitely grab more for any suiting needs.”

Leaving the British and hopping to America brings us to Hamilton. One of America’s finest shirtmakers since its founding in 1883, Hamilton handcrafts each individual shirt at its Houston Workshop, which allows the brand to create custom-made shirts too.

Hamilton has also partnered with American menswear designer Todd Snyder to create a range of exclusive men’s dress shirts. These dress shirts have the added benefits of being worn as casual pieces, thanks to their off-duty vibe.

Turnball & Asser

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (15)13/14

Price: From $265
Sizes: 14.5-19
Customer Reviews: “Construction is flawless. Fit-wise, they used to be very generous.”

Another British shirtmaker with an esteemed heritage is Turnball & Asser. Founded in 1885 and currently occupying a spot on Jermyn Street, another street famed for its services to tailoring, Turnball & Asser is easily one of the finest shirtmakers around. The recipient of the Prince of Wales’ first-ever Royal Warrant, the British label has been supplying suits for the Royals, along with countless other prominent world figures for decades.

Their men’s dress shirts are certainly on the pricier side, but in return, you receive a dress shirt that fits perfectly without going down the bespoke route and that was made in England.

Mizzen & Main

14 Best Dress Shirts For Men (16)14/14

Price: From $128
Sizes: S-XXL
Customer Reviews: “Awesome feel! Fits perfectly! Compliments on first wearing.”

Mizzen & Main has made it their mission to combine comfort and flexibility with fit and style for the modern man on the move. They persistently aim to blend a legacy of tradition, respect, and classic style into their menswear while embracing the technology that gives garments moisture-wicking, stretch, and wrinkle-resistant properties.

Mizzen & Main have a huge range of men’s dress shirts that’ll keep you comfortable in style all day. Their dress shirts have a more crisp, traditional look and depending on which style you go for, feature some amazing technologies such as superior quick dry properties, wrinkle resistance, unparalleled high stretch, and more.

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